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From the font page of the Wall Street Journal to the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast, Laura has been on the forefront of many of the technical innovations of the last 30 years.

She co-founded PCDJ, the first duel MP3 player for DJ’s in 1999 and predicted the rise of the use of mobile devices and Google maps for local business in 2009 when she released Mobile Local Fusion, a training for local agencies to help businesses rank on Google maps.

In 2022, she started researching how to implement AI for automating her own business and in 2024, she became certified as an AI consultant so she could help other businesses take advantage of this technilogy. 


Laura has been an invaluable asset to our company for over 15 years, initially as a Google PPC advertising expert. Her expertise quickly expanded beyond PPC, as she demonstrated her ability to improve business processes and drive growth in various areas.

With the recent emergence of AI, we once again turned to Laura for guidance. As expected, she was already immersed in learning about AI and its potential applications. Laura’s AI expertise is now helping us streamline and automate our existing processes, as well as identify new opportunities that were previously overlooked due to their perceived simplicity.

One of Laura’s most admirable qualities is her honesty and dedication. Unlike many “experts” who claim they can do anything, Laura is upfront about her capabilities and limitations. However, she always follows up with a commitment to finding a solution, and she has consistently delivered exceptional results. We wholeheartedly recommend Laura for all tech-related matters, especially in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

Duane K. Siebert

Duane K. Siebert

CEO & Founder at TonerRefillKits.com


“Laura is truly THE authority on AI solutions. Her background and experience in marketing, tech, and everything in-between truly set her up to be a leader in this space. I learned so much from her and the results are incredible. In this competitive market, the utilization of AI as part of your workflow will be KEY in superpowering your results. You will be amazed at what you can do, and Laura is the best person to help you carve that path!”

Picture of Tim D'Agostino

Tim D'Agostino

Founder, CEO at Firebrand Design & Business Solutions


“The Future belongs to those who embrace and adopt Artificial Intelligence in their business early.  The new opportunities available through AI are the Gold Rush of the Information Age.  But to harness the power of AI, you need to really understand how it works, and how it will best serve your business.  Laura Betterly is that guide.  She’s on the cutting edge of AI for business and marketing, leading the way for everyone else to follow.  Get on her calandar now, or get left in the dust later.

Picture of Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Founder, CEO at Awspire Studios

AI is not Going to Take your Job. A person who knows how to use AI will...