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You could be approaching AI all wrong. Why Smart Businesses Rely on Yada Yada AI

Decision-makers know that successful AI integration hinges on choosing the right partner who can offer both technology and training tailored to their specific needs. With over 30 years in business and as early adopters of AI, Yada Yada is the right company to help you achieve your goals with AI. 

Let us help you.

As a certified AI consultant with over 30 years of marketing and business experience, I can help you stop wasting time on untested solutions and start achieving real results.

Training and Consulting
AI Assistants and GPTS
Finding the Right AI Tools for the Job.
AI Images, Videos and Content Generation


Cutting-edge artificial intelligence

Laura Betterly is a world-renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert. With over thirty-five years of experience running businesses, she has established herself as a key player in the marketing space. She is the founder of Yada Yada Marketing, a boutique agency that has helped launch some very successful brands.

Laura is also an accomplished consultant and trainer, sharing her knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve success in their own businesses. Over 30,000 people have purchased her marketing courses.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Laura is also a musician, having performed in NYC punk bands in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She is also a featured cast member on the new reality show Boom America and has recently taken up a deep study of AI and is certified in its uses for businesses. With her unique combination of creativity and technical expertise, Laura is a force to be reckoned with in the world of AI, marketing and entrepreneurship.

In the next decade, not using AI will be like ignoring the internet in the 2000s. Discover why you can't afford to be left behind!

Training and Consulting

personalized for you

  • Have you tried AI and failed?  
  • Did you get unremarkable generic results?  
  • Do you know that this is the next great breakthrough for your business but tried it and it didn’t work?
  • Do you think you don’t have the budget to implement?
  • Do you think it might disrupt your current operations?

I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault if you’ve been unable to implement AI. You just need to learn how to use the tools available to you.  You didn’t start driving a car without some help. This is no different. Let us help you increase efficiency, lower costs and do a better job for your customers utilizing AI. 

Did you know that Laura’s is one of the go-to guru’s on Boom America with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank?

The Right Solutions

You want to work with AI, not against it.

AI can be the smartest assistant you’ve ever had. Of course, you need to train it like any other productive assistant. We can teach you how to get AI to increase your productivity exponentially.

Some may resist AI, but I’m here to tell you it’s here to stay. Why not leverage a brilliant assistant that always does what you need, never calls in sick, and won’t quit for a better job?

Just a few ways to use AI

Background Removal

Get rid of unwanted things on pictures in moments.

Generative Upscaling

Increase the size of small images so they can look great larger.  This is especially important if you do any print marketing.

AI Art Generator

Create an image from your own imagination rather than struggle to find a stock image that portrays what you’re looking for. 

Object Recognition

Have AI help recognize objects

Search Across Files

And find the exact information you need. 

No More Robotic Writing

Have AI learn to write in your brand voice.

A Few Use Cases

Content Generation

Most content written by AI is robotic and not interesting to read. That's because it's not being trained. An AI can write in the voice of an individual or brand with the right training. Yes, AI can be trained just like a human.

Automating Processes

AI can be trained to do repetitive processes. You can even create a team of AI bots that can do complex tasks together and manage themselves and solve problems together.

Image Creation

If you can describe an idea for an image into AI, it's possible to get some unique images to use for everything from printing on tee shirts to illustratins. Photos can be improved, backgrounds changed.

Complex Analysis

The use of artificial intelligence can uncover relationships and correlations from large data sets very quickly, even if you have no idea what you're looking for.

Custom GPTS

Custom GPTs are highly specialized assistants trained to discuss specific topics. It's an AI that knows exactly what matters in your field.


From customer avatars, market research and strategy to assistance in writing ads, social media, and articles, AI is perfect for writing in your brand voice.

AI Employees

You can create AI employees like paralegal, customer service representative, copy editor, logo designer, social media post suggestions and creation.


Need to write a simple program or some html? AI can do those tasks and even run quality control tasks on existing code. Bug fixes and detection are all possible with AI.

Training and Onboarding

You can use AI to test and train employees or students. It can simply the onboarding process for any area in your business.

Video Creation & Editing

From replacing and editing frames in a video to removing all the filler words (um, ah, etc.) from your recordings in one click, AI can help in video production.


Using AI, presentations (slides, images, copy) can be created in minutes rather than hours or days. With this free time, you can accomplish more.

Summaries and Task lists

You can use AI to summarize meetings, documents, videos, create task lists and SOPs from larger documents, etc.

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Laura has been an invaluable asset to our company for over 15 years, initially as a Google PPC advertising expert. Her expertise quickly expanded beyond PPC, as she demonstrated her ability to improve business processes and drive growth in various areas.

With the recent emergence of AI, we once again turned to Laura for guidance. As expected, she was already immersed in learning about AI and its potential applications. Laura’s AI expertise is now helping us streamline and automate our existing processes, as well as identify new opportunities that were previously overlooked due to their perceived simplicity.

One of Laura’s most admirable qualities is her honesty and dedication. Unlike many “experts” who claim they can do anything, Laura is upfront about her capabilities and limitations. However, she always follows up with a commitment to finding a solution, and she has consistently delivered exceptional results. We wholeheartedly recommend Laura for all tech-related matters, especially in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

Duane K. Siebert

Duane K. Siebert

CEO & Founder at


“Laura is truly THE authority on AI solutions. Her background and experience in marketing, tech, and everything in-between truly set her up to be a leader in this space. I learned so much from her and the results are incredible. In this competitive market, the utilization of AI as part of your workflow will be KEY in superpowering your results. You will be amazed at what you can do, and Laura is the best person to help you carve that path!”

Picture of Tim D'Agostino

Tim D'Agostino

Founder, CEO at Firebrand Design & Business Solutions


“The Future belongs to those who embrace and adopt Artificial Intelligence in their business early.  The new opportunities available through AI are the Gold Rush of the Information Age.  But to harness the power of AI, you need to really understand how it works, and how it will best serve your business.  Laura Betterly is that guide.  She’s on the cutting edge of AI for business and marketing, leading the way for everyone else to follow.  Get on her calendar now, or get left in the dust later.

Picture of Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Founder, CEO at Awspire Studios

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